The Liberals Gave $10 Million to Convicted Terrorist Omar Khadr

On July 7th, 2017 the Liberal Government gave Omar Khadr over $10 million of your tax dollars in a secret closed door settlement.

Omar Khadr was part of al Qaeda, and fought alongside of the Taliban against NATO soldiers in Afghanistan. He was filmed making roadside improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the same devices that killed 98 Canadian soldiers there. He admitted to throwing the grenade that killed an unarmed U.S Army Medic Sergeant Christopher Speer. Speer left behind a wife and two young children. 

The courts did not require Justin Trudeau to give Omar Khadr $10.5 million of your tax dollars. Justin Trudeau chose to pay it to him. The courts did not require Justin Trudeau to apologize to Omar Khadr, but he chose to give one anyway.

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Do you believe Omar Khadr deserved to be given $10.5 million in Canadian taxpayer dollars?