Liberal Tax Hikes on Local Businesses?

The Liberal government has proposed raising taxes on small businesses and family farms, which are the economic backbone of our community.

What will Justin Trudeau’s tax hikes mean?

-If you’re young person looking for your first job, you’ll have fewer local businesses that can afford to hire you;

-If you’re a farmer, it will be more complicated and expensive to pass your farm down to your kids;

-If you’re an entrepreneur, it will be harder to save for your retirement;

-If you need a family doctor, it will be harder to find one. 

8.2 million Canadians are employed by small businesses.

"If these proposals go through, they will literally have a devastating effect on the small-business community.” -Kim Moody, Tax Expert

It is critical that your voice is heard. Please take the time to respond to the survey below, and I will share the results with the Liberal Finance Minister.


Prime Minister Trudeau is targeting small local businesses and family farms with unprecedented tax changes that will increase their tax burden. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has called these proposals “the most radical tax overhaul in 50 years” which will negatively impact the bottom line of local businesses. Do you agree with Justin Trudeau that small local businesses and family farms should be paying higher taxes?