Justin Trudeau’s Weak Leadership

This week, Canada’s Conservatives brought forward a motion calling on the House of Commons to stand in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en people, the majority of whom have indicated their support for the Coastal GasLink project. ... Full Article

End the Blockades

Will Justin Trudeau finally show some leadership and demand that the court injunctions against these illegal blockades be enforced, or will he continue to embolden the mob that’s giving the courts the Trudeau salute? Protestors continue to ... Full Article

The Blockades Must End

While Justin Trudeau was off wining and dining African dictators and kowtowing to Iranian despots, anti-energy activists were busy derailing the Canadian economy here at home. It’s been nearly two weeks, and Justin Trudeau has done nothing to ... Full Article

Today in the House of Commons

A convicted murderer was given parole, and given unsupervised access to women even though he was a significant risk to commit violence against women. The National Parole Board granted this access so the offender’s “sexual needs” could be ... Full Article

New Year’s Skating Party

Thanks to all who joined me for a New Year’s Skate this morning. Nice to see lots of young families out on the ice. To everyone in our community, Happy New Year and all the best for 2020! Full Article